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Contact us today to find out about amazing grants and discounts that we can offer that will reduce the cost of your boiler upgrade. See FAQ’s below to find out more.

Why should I get a heating control upgrade?

Heating System Upgrades are a really good idea as you will save money on your heating bills and get grants and discounts towards the cost of doing so.  With these controls you match your heating and hot water schedules to your living patterns. You can save on heating bills by only having the part of the house you are using, or about to use, heated and by being able to have different temperatures in different parts of your house at different times. Similarly you can save money by timing your hot water requirements accurately.

Splitting your home into two independently controlled zones (space and water) allows you to heat your hot water without having your radiators heat. These controls allow you to control the temperature as well as the time in each zone. Thermostatically Controlled Radiator Valves (TRVs) allow you to adjust the individual temperature in every room.

As your requirements differ from day to day a 7 day programmer will optimise savings allowing you to adjust to your individual living & working pattern.

Time and temperature control of your electric immersion can minimise unnecessary water heating costs.

What grant can I get from the government?
Grants are available from the SEAI for an upgrade of Heating Controls under the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme (HES). You can get a grant of €600 for the energy saving controls on their own and €700 for a new high efficiency boiler and energy saving controls. Gas Boilers Ireland is a registered contractor under the Better Energy Homes Scheme offering grants and discounts. All details can be found here

Am I entitled to a grant for a BER assessment?
Yes, the SEAI gives you a grant for €50 towards the cost of a BER assessment. This is required to avail of the SEAI grant after the upgrade work has been complete.

What other grants and discounts do GBI offer?
Gas Boilers Ireland are one of the few installers that offer a further €600 off your boiler and heating control upgrade. This is in the form of credits on your electricity bill. This unbelievable offer is in addition to the SEAI grant and so offers a massive saving for the customer. It really is too good an offer to miss. Contact Us today for further details!

What is included in your 5 YEAR GUARANTEE?
We offer and unrivalled 5 year GUARANTEE with all Worcester Bosch boilers that we install. Once your new boiler is servived annually by a registered Worcester Bosch installer the boiler is covered for all parts and labour for a full 5 years. This is a massive peace of mind for you, the customer.

Increase your BER Rating

Increase your BER Rating

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