Smart Technology

Having Remote Access to your Heating System

Using the latest in smart technology, which provide remote applications available through the new Climote HUB and Nest technology, you can control the heating in your home to a much higher degree.  Setting up heating schedules using this smart technology based on your individual living patterns and having more control over these schedules.

Climote and Nest are established companies offering smart technology and these devices build up a history of your energy usage which in turn helps you establish trends; this information can help you plan future usage and ensure further savings.

Enjoy features that enable you to  to control your heating settings at home or remotely via your smart phone app, when out and about.

Some very good reasons why you should upgrade your old Boiler & install Heating Control Smart Technology.

  • Save up to 45% off your future Heating Bills
  • Qualify for Government Grants of €610 towards the cost of the upgrade.
  • Gain greater control over your Home Heating System
  • This will increase your confort levels and help you Save Home Energy.
  • Finally you will also help Increase the value of your home and help the environment.

Gas Boilers Ireland can help you with the grant application process and ensure you receive your grant as soon as possible.

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Increase your BER Rating

Increase your BER Rating

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